Decentralized Web Services

Your blockchain backend.
We want to help developers and organizations providing them with the tools for their blockchain projects.

Decentralized Web Services

Your blockchain backend.

We want to help developers and organizations providing them with the tools for their blockchain projects.

What we do

In dws we want to help everyone that is working in blockchain. We want to make their life easy giving them all the base tools they will need building their final applications.


Our mission is to have a great core team and also a great developer community to help us creating this tools. We want to build base solutions, we want others to build them and benefit from our platform and, first and foremost, we want everything connected all around.


We are all on the first steps of this revolution and we thought: what is the base tool you need to build an application? The answers was loud and clear so we decided that our first product should be a database.

Mariano Torrecilla

CEO at Tech entrepreneur since 2009. Linkovery founder. Loogic Ventures cofounder. Partner at Loogic and SmartMoney. Fundraising experience of +20M€. Blockchain Day1 cofounder. Family company manager, Sales manager and Marketing manager in several companies in the education, technology and investment sectors. Tech lover and looking forward to see how blockchain is going to improve our society and our organizations.

Pamela Muñoz

Expert in secure communications and public key cryptography. Lead developer over SCIP protocol (Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol) in applications under NATO environment. Author of whitepaper about keys distribution in secure communications network. Co-founder in 2011 of Nineonapp, startup focused in the development of applications for smartphones. Lover of Web world, SEO, and new technologies in general. Taking the step towards blockchain was a natural move.
Mom 2.0.

Ramón Recuero

Hacker at YCombinator.
Ramón is a serial founder, startup advisor and cryptocurrency fanatic.
He has a strong knowledge in startups, web development, cloud computing and product management. In 2010 Ramon founded Netgamix – a company to be admitted into Startup Bootcamp and obtained more than $100K in funding and reached 100K MAU.
He’s also contributed to the development and launch of the first version of the Zynga Ad Platform.
Afterwards, Ramón was an architect at Moz. Now, he is focused on helping entrepreneurs at YC.

Javier Martín

Sngular Ventures manager.
Entrepreneur: He has founded and sold two companies, Tecnoblogs and Social Media Factory. He is also the founder of Loogic and SmartMoney. He has also three books writen: SmartMoney, “Futurizable” and “Emprender Ligero”.
Organizer and promoter of several tech events like “Iniciador” with almost 1000 events hosted around the world.
He is also a business school teacher about marketing, technology, innnovation and investing.

Raúl Riesco (investor)

Visionary and lover of the great challenges that demand disruptive innovation to improve the world. An internationally recognized expert in cybersecurity who relies on the great DWS hacking team that is building the foundation that still needs blockchain for the explosion in security, quality and quantity of applications and services in a win-win community. Raul supports the team as an investor so that the DWS team can accelerate the achievement of its objectives.

Manuel Polo

Software architect on the internet since 1996 developing from backends to frontends through development of libraries for pre-smartphone games, and mobile apps. Discovered Bitcoin in 2010 and since summer of 2011 began to deepen in blockchain technology and was a miner using GPU / ASIC. In 2013 developed an asset-exchange and launched the startup payment processor Pagobit. He is currently dedicated to innovation and consulting with blockchain for the multinational Everis to expand its use among banking clients and other sectors in addition to becoming an entrepreneur again.


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